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Big Red Cabinet

Bigger isn’t always better. Sometimes, you have to be COLOSSAL. This monumental cabinet takes the space of three standard cabinets, but performs like six. Complete with three 42″ monitors acting as individual reels, a looming 8′ wide x 8′ tall profile and its eye-catching red color, this cabinet houses one of the longest-running and highest-performing games on the market today. Colossal Diamonds® and Colossal Stars® are larger than life!

Game Play Features

Game Assets

The mammoth presence of our Big Red cabinet and its beloved games Colossal Diamonds® and Colossal Stars® has been a true game-changer as one of the most consistently high performers on casino floors across the country. The introduction of our Las Vegas Golden Knights Game made history when we were the first gaming company to partner with the NHL.

Powered by our Atlas platform, this classic cabinet features a striking new top screen and more vibrant colors, graphics, and animations for an even bigger gaming experience. Using the beloved three-reel, single pay line model Big Red games are engaging with frequent payouts and a unique high-denom betting structure.