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Shining Dragon

Shining Dragon® soars with fast-paced fun, bright graphics, and progressive jackpots. It is part of the Hong Fu Hong Yun® family.

Game Play Features

Game Assets

Hong Fu Hong Yun Family:

  • Links to other Hong Fu Hong Yun® games for massive progressives.

Pick and Win Bonus:

  • This Jackpot awarding bonus is triggered by 3 Wild symbols
  • The player is presented with 5 firecracker and selects one. The firecracker will reveal one of the 2 progressives or bet-scaling jackpot prizes.
  • Some firecrackers will feature not just a Jackpot but an “Extra Pick” mention, allowing the player to chose one more firecracker and claim a second jackpot.
  • Another option is “Free Spins”, awarding the revealed jackpot and taking the player to the Free Spins Bonus.

Free Spins Feature:

  • Triggered by 3 bonus symbols or through the Pick and Win Bonus, 8 Free Spins are awarded
  • The player is faced with a pick screen with two options
  • The player can choose to have 18 Wilds added to their 8 Free Spins, increasing their chance of triggering the Pick and Win Bonus
  • The player can choose instead to add 88 of the highest paying symbol to their Free Spins increasing the potential for big wins


  • Reel Configuration: 3×5
  • Pay Evaluation: 243 Ways
  • Denomination: $0.01
  • Bet Level: 60-600
  • Bet Multiplier: 1, 2, 3, 5, 10
  • Volatility: High
  • Related Games: Burning Tiger®, King of the East®, Legend of the Moon®
Class 2, Class 3


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